在圣灵预备学校, we offer an education dedicated to the formation of the human person through Catholicism and the Classical Liberal 艺术 tradition. 我们的目标是培养学生的智力, 身体上的, 和精神上 so that they may better know God and ultimately find happiness.


The Holy Spirit Preparatory School approach is grounded in five central commitments:

This means that our students study diverse subjects within the liberal arts tradition, 要在真道上受教训, and are encouraged to practice physical education that equips them to live their best life – 男人的理智体现在身体的理智上!

Our curriculum emphasizes the essentials of writing, 思考, and argumentation (the Trivium) through studying selections from the Great Books. The academic rigor across our programs encourages a strong work ethic and prepares students for whatever vocation they are called to.

从学前艺术到高中哲学, every subject we teach is imbued with a wonder for God’s creation and a recognition that He loves each of us and has created us for a purpose. We believe that every human being is created in God’s image and thus endowed with rational and moral faculties, which the Catholic 信仰 can guide us in developing.

主耶稣说, “一个人怎么能因此变得更好呢?, if he gains the whole world at the expense of losing his own soul?” We desire not only for our students to succeed at HSP and beyond, but to have a healthy spiritual life guided by a love for Christ.

他就是道路,真理,生命. We teach our students that the universe is intelligible because it proceeds from the Divine Author. Our students learn the perennial truths preserved through the millennia by the saints, 在这个过程中, 他们学会识别, 寻求, 并渴望真理本身.

“世界上没有人能改变真理. What we can do and should do is to 寻求 truth and to serve it when we have found it.” – St. 马克西米利安科尔伯

Classical education is rooted in the Trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. 在一起, these three areas of study enable us to communicate effectively and think critically about the world around us. 教我们的学生掌握三重奏, we equip students to preach the Gospel in whatever sphere God has placed them, 不管他们是不是牧师, 政客们, 工程师, 或艺术家!



At the 学前教育 level, all classes study the same curriculum and celebrate Feast Days together. We believe that each child is created in the image of God, and have fashioned a compassionate learning environment that best encourages and challenges our youngest students.

5 specials (STEM, Art, Music, Creative Movement, 信仰)

60 +学生

3 .课前和课后计划



Our family's faith and academic life has never been stronger. We are arm-in-arm with the others to raise holy, virtuous kids.

Parents of 学前教育, 较低的学校, 中学, and 高中 students

Fostering growth, curiosity, friendship, and faith



Our 较低的学校 provides students with an authentically classical Catholic education from Kindergarten - 5th grade. We cultivate a nurturing environment where students can grow in their relationship with Christ and develop the skills needed to succeed in school, 在生活中.

All teachers and assistants trained in the Orton Gillingham method





Our children are truly flourishing in the environment! 我们对教育质量感到满意, 他们交的朋友, 老师们, the helpfulness and kindness of everyone on the team, 还有校园里优秀的牧师. 去美洲狮!

Parent of 较低的学校, 中学, and 高中 Students


对很多学生来说, 中学 is a time of tremendous growth and change – intellectually, 在情感上, 身体上的, 社会, 和精神上. At HSP, our goal is to make these years formative, fun, memorable, and enriching.

Block schedule provides more instructional time in core classes

Multiple course levels to support varied learning levels

All students either play an instrument or sing in choir



My goal as a History teacher at Holy Spirit Prep is to guide students as they develop their reading, 写作和批判性思维能力, 拓宽他们对艺术的欣赏, 文化, 哲学, 文学构成了我们的现代世界, and recognize God's Providence at work through the course of History so that students confidently embrace their role in the world bolstered by the rich tradition of our 信仰.


Developing well-rounded thinkers who 寻求 God and 寻求 to make a difference



The 高中 program at HSP provides students with a variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom that test their knowledge. We encourage them to think critically and not conform to the ways of the world.


Academic elective tracks in Liberal 艺术, STEM, or Fine 艺术

Students can attend Daily Mass before school and weekly Mass as a high school




在学校工作, 我能看到圣灵在学生身上动工, and I am humbled to be an instrument in forming them in the Catholic faith.